We take a wide variety of both Medical and Vision Insurance.

Vision Insurance typically covers comprehensive eye exams, and either glasses or contact lenses.  Some Vision Insurances will pay for medical type evaluations but usually medical visits are covered by health Insurance.
Medical Insurance is filed for all medical evaluations of the eye.  This can include injuries, infections, diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, or dry eye syndrome, and many other eye problems.  Sometimes medical insurance covers routine vision care, this varies widely from plan to plan.
General Information about some of the common Insurance Plans

In General - All charges are ultimately the responsibility of the patient.  We file insurance as a courtesy, and we do try to estimate the correct patient responsibility of charges; but any denied claims, co-insurance payments, deductibles, etc. are the responsibility of the patient to pay.

Medicare - Medicare covers the medical evaluation of the eye exam when there is a medical condition of the eye.  These can include cataracts, dry eye syndrome, glaucoma, macular degeneration, etc.  It never covers the refraction (determination of the glasses Rx.)  The refraction is currently $15.00.  Read our Medicare Advanced Beneficiaries Notice

Blue Cross and Blue Shield -  Blue Cross and Blue Shield cover medical evaluations similar to Medicare.  There are many plans that also have Vision Insurance associated with them.  Sometimes the Vision Insurance is managed by BCBS, and other times they contract it out to another insurance provider.  For example, the new Fep Bluevision is actually administered by Davis Vision. 

New Federal Vision Plans - We are providers for all of the new federal vision plans.

Medicaid - Many Medicaid patients are eligible for annual eye exams and glasses. 

All Kids - All kids will pay for an annual eye exam and glasses each year. 

Tricare - We are providers for Tricare Standard, but not for Tricare Prime.  Tricare Standard may pay for eye exams, but not for glasses or contact lenses.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield with Vision


Davis Vision


VCP or Humana Vision

Superior Vision

Other networks just call and ask.

We are no longer taking Optumhealth Vision (Spectera), Avesis, nor NVI in Network.
Blue Cross and Blue Shield


Tricare Standard (We are not in the Tricare Prime Network)





Other networks just call and ask