Custom Z-LASIK with Dr. Stewart Shofner

Dr. Stewart Shofner
Harvard Graduate
University of Virginia Medical School
Opthalmology Residency at Yale
Corneal Fellowship at LSU
Performed over 30,000 LASIK procedures
Board Certified, one of the country
Yale Alumni Member in Ophthalmology

Dr. Stewart Shofner is a graduate of Harvard University who completed his Medical Residency at Yale following medical school at the University of Virginia.  He participated in the first Excimer Laser procedures while a Corneal Fellow, LSU.  Dr. Shofner has performed over 30,000 LASIK/PRK procedures and 10,000 ocular surgeries.  He is recognized by his peers as one of the outstanding Board Certified Ophthalmologist and LASIK eye surgeons in the United States.  Dr. Shofner is one of the LASIK surgeons to offer the “bladeless” all laser Z-LASIK vision correction procedure.


Manufactured in Switzerland, the Ziemer FEMTO LDV femtosecond laser represents highly advanced technology.  It transmits laser pulses at a considerably denser rate than other femtosecond laser devices.  For this reason, the energy used to make the flap as well as the spot size are significantly smaller than with other femtosecond-based lasers.  With the combined use of state-of-the-art lasers and diagnostic equipment, Z-LASIK provides the best currently available treatment for superior vision correction.  The delivery optics are tightly focused for maximum tissue disruption in the focal spot and no thermal or radiation effects to the surrounding tissue.  “It’s very exciting to offer this new bladeless Z-LASIK technology as an option for patients, as it enhances our 3D Custom LASIK,” says Dr. Kevin Johnson of Shofner Vision Center.

Dr. Dane Bagley began co-managing LASIK procedures in 2003 and began co-managing LASIK procedures with Dr. Shofner in 2004.  He has co-managed Z-LASIK procedures since 2011.  Dr. Bagley will receive custom Z-LASIK from Dr. Stewart Shofner in February 2014.

Custom Z-LASIK from Dr. Shofner

$2199 per eye or $4398 for both eyes.