What to Expect on Your First Visit

We will review your eye health and medical history. We want to know about any concerns or questions that you may have regarding your eyes. We will check your vision and run various tests on your eyes, looking at your visual and ocular health. The doctor will examine your eyes, provide your eyeglass prescription, give you a complete ocular health exam, and, if requested, evaluate you for contact lenses. Other options may be discussed, including LASIK candidacy, corneal refractive therapy, and vision therapy. Generally, your eyes will be dilated in order to get the most accurate prescription and a clear internal view of your eyes. If necessary, we may run additional tests for further evaluation.

Be sure to log into patient portal and complete your patient history online. Please bring your photo ID and insurance cards. We value your time as we strive to be both thorough and efficient. When scheduling your visit, please remember that your exam may take 45 to 60 minutes.

First Visit Checklist